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Altwein, Charles   Address: 1217A NW Sun Terrace CirclePort, St. Lucie,Fl. 34986  
Spouse: Lorraine  Phone: 561-336-2692 Fax: 561-336-0058
Years/Date on Norris: Less than 1 year (1946-47)  Rate/Rank on board: S2/c Signalman Striker
Email: chaslory@bellsouth.net

Armstrong, "Ike" Dean  Address: 871 Rudder Way Annapolis, MD 21401
Spouse: Nobuko  "Nobi"
Date on Norris: 1947-48  Rate/Rank on Norris: HM3/HMC   
Email Address:  chiefdoc33@comcast.net

Baber, Gerald L.   Address:1262 Hwy 35  Hudson  WI   54016   Spouse: Barbara Ann 
Years/Date on Norris: 1949-50  Rate/Rank on board: EM3

Becker, Wilhem  Address: 2170 Forestlake Dr. Rancho Cordova, CA 95670-2460
Spouse: Betty D. Phone: 916 635 8570
Years/Date on Norris:1947-1949  Rate/Rank on Board: fireman firstclass, elec.striker and movie
Email: kb6an@msn.com    
Comment:  otherwise know as the lightblub snatcher. 

Boulle, Jensen  Address: 15811 Falcon Ridge Drive, Sun City West, AZ  85375
Spouse: Adelaide  Phone: 623 546 1663
Years/Date on Norris: June 1949 to March 1951 Rate/Rank on Norris: RD3
Email: jrboulle@aol.com or jboulle@cox.net
Comments: Retired 1968 as ETC. Retired again in 1992, moved here in 93

Briggs, William E.  Address: 22821 138TH Ave. East Graham, Wa. 98338
Spouse: Marion L   Phone: 360 893 1169
Years/Date on Norris:1949 to July 1952  Rate/Rank on board: SO2
Email: bandmbriggs@comcast.net
Comments: Would like to hear from guys who were on at the time. Retired 1997) 
Electrical Engineer with Westinghouse- Moved to Washington from Carlsbad, New Mex.

Camilli, Albert  Address:  4208 Stoudts Ferry Br Rd   Spouse: Edna
Phone:  610 929 1802   Fax: 610 929 9214 
Years/Date on Norris: 46 47 Rate/Rank on board: SC1
Email: Sealee91@aol.com  Photo

Coe, William L.             1945      Ensign   Email: bilko1@swnebr.net

Cohagan, Richard T.  Address: 1920 VICTORY Rd # 174  MARION, OH. 43302
Spouse: Earnestine  Phone:   740-387-1676
Years/Date on Norris: 1946-47  Rate/Rank on board: FN/EMCS
Email: RtrdEmcs@aol.com       

Cole, Ollie  Address: 3409 Old Anderson Rd, Antioch TN
Spouse: Fran  Phone: 615 975-4003
Date on Norris:  1949-1951  Rate/Rank on Norris: RD2
Email: olivertn@aol.com

Crimaudo, Vincent (Brooklyn)  Address: 2 Homecrest Ave.Huntington Station, New York 11746
Spouse: Mary Phone: 631-427-7978
Years/Date on Norris: May 46-Nov 47    Rate/Rank on board: S1/C
Email: vcdd859@aol.com
Comment: Member of Tin can Sailor & DD859 Group  

De Filippo, Andrew   Address: 134 Heath Place Hastings on HDSN, N.Y. 10706
Spouse: Estelle  Phone:(914) 478-2235 Fax:(914) 478-2909
Years/Date on Norris: 46-47 Rate/Rank on board: Seaman First Class  
Email: Def118@aol.com

Dewitz, Grorge Orville  Address: 1911 N E 150th ave.Portland,Oregon 97230
Spouse:  Marilyn   Phone: 503-256-3215
Years/Date on Norris: 1946-47  Rate/Rank on board: GM 1/C
Email: godewitz@aol.com

Dobbins, Mavis             1946-47  F1/c          Email: mdobbins@usit.net

Farkas, Marvin  Address: 13/B 38 Peel Street, Hong Kong
Spouse: Zhu Xian (Judy) Phone:(852)2815-9185 Fax:same
Years/Date on Norris:1946 (I cannot remember the exact date)
 Rate/Rank on board: Seaman 2/c
Email: mfarkas@asiaonline.net
Comments: I joined the ship in Hawaii and went to several ports in China with her.
 I came back to live in Hong Kong in 1954.  I would enjoy hearing from anybody 
who might remember me.

FavaloroJoseph S.  Address: 321 Parkland Ave. Lynn, MASS. 01905
Spouse: Carole   Phone: 781 5957414
Years/Date on Norris: 1946-1948  Rate/Rank on Norris: SM3

Felix, Arthur Castro   Address: 6231 N. 41 Ave. Phoenix, AZ. 85019
Spouse: Patricia Rae Phone: 602-841-5616
Date on Norris: 10-11-46 to 12-23-47  Rate/Rank on Norris:  S1GM 
Email: hashmarkseaman@msn.org
Comment: I also served on the USS Harwood DD 861 from 12-24-47 to 8-1-49.DES DIV 151  DES RON-15.

Years/Date on Norris:1946-1947  Rate/Rank on board:YNT2

HallEverett A.   Address: 421 N. Cherry,Mesa, AZ85201
Spouse:  Ruth   Phone: 480-834-8348
Date on Norris:  49-50  Rate/Rank on Norris:  FN
Email:  evhall69@yahoo.com
Comments: Got to travel around the world before age 20

Heher Jr., John Francis    Address: 350 Kirks Mill Road   Nottingham, PA 19362
Spouse: Doris L. Heher    Phone:717-548-3738
Date on Norris:  November 7, 1945  Rate/Rank on Norris:  Mail Man 3rd Class-MAM3/C
Email: Becky.Getshall@bmmsi.com

Heidbreder, Julius   Address: 22 Civic Park Ct., O Fallon, MO 63366
Spouse: Debby
Years/Date on Norris: 1946-1947  Rate/Rank on board: S1/C
Email: dheidbreder@charter.net

Helberg, Frank A   Address: 4212 Sunnyview Dr. St.Louis MO. 63128
Spouse: Jackie  Phone: 314-892-0752
Years/Date on Norris: MAY46-NOV47 Rate/Rank on board: F 1/C
Comments: Hi To Shipmates

Hellman, Herman Henry  Address: 361 Cottonwood Dr
Spouse: Deceased 7/24/07  Phone: 509-727-8916
Years/Date on Norris: 1946-1947 Rate/Rank on board: F1C
Email: Bluemomma62@msn.com
Comments: My Dad passed 11-1-89, while I was in the Navy, following his footsteps. 
Would love to hear from some of his old shipmates.

Hendrix, Olan C. Address: 328 Park Woods Lane, Powell, OH 43065-7761
Spouse: Elizabeth J. Hendrix  Phone: 614-718-9983
Years/Date on Norris: 1944-1945  Rate/Rank on Norris: SC/1
Email: ohen957938@cs.com

Lee, Richard Ernest  Address:1202 Heartland Road, Apt. R103   St. Joseph, MO 64506
Spouse: Mary Phone: 816-671-8335
Years/Date on Norris:1945 to 1946 Rate/Rank on board: Fireman 1st Class
Email: (son's) richardf.lee@gsa.gov

Lewis, George     Address:  Richmond, VA
Spouse: Valerie
Date on Norris: 11'47-11/50   Rate/Rank on Norris: Ens/Ltjg
Email: zozo1924@msn.com
Comments: Would like to hear from anyone who was aboard when Ens. Bob Aiken was
 washed overboard in typhoon of '48.  What date was it?

Link, Orville   Address: 1408 Barcelona,St Mission, TX 78572
Spouse: Barbara   Phone:  (956) 342-1686
Date on Norris: 49- 51  Rate/Rank on Norris: RD2
Email: doublelinks@rgv.rr.com

Lydic, David E.  Address: 1215 West Main, Bellville, Texas 77418-1224
Spouse: Lanora  Phone: 979 865 1263
Years/Date on Norris: All 49 till 01/50  Rate/Rank on board: ET3 Email: delydic@comwerx.net
Comments: I would like to contact the ship's Yeoman that served aboard at that time. I have
 owed him some money all  these years. It's funny what bothers you.
Harry Truman discharged us so fast I didn't get his radio back to him  

Marflak, Richard, S.   Address:1305 Lamplighter Dr.
Spouse: Bonnie Marflak (Deceased)     Phone: 614-801-0340
Date on Norris: June 1945 - 1946   Rate/Rank on Norris:TM/2
Email:    sahunter@wowway.com   (Son-in-Law)

Mann, Harvey (Gene) Address: 15117 Yvonne Ct. San Jose, CA 95124 Spouse: Maureen
Years/Date on Norris:1945  Rate/Rank on board:FC2/c
Email: joemann@mindspring.com
Comments: My dad was a Norris plank owner. Shipmates would remember him as Gene -
 he never went by his first name.  He passed away in May 2000.  Joe Mann

Molus, Michael Richard  Address: 154 Wikil Place Palm Desert CA.92260
Spouse: Carol  Phone: (760)837-3959   
Years/Date on Norris: 1949/1951 Rate/Rank on board: MM3
Email: DD859@aol.com
Comments:I was in the "A" gang--like to hear from shipmates

Mongrain, Robert M.  Address: P.O. Box 967 Lincoln, MT 59639
Phone: 406-362-4951 Years/Date on Norris: Sep. 1945 - Mar. 1946
Rate/ Rank on Board: ETM 3/C

Newhouse, William  Address: 169nth 4th St. Rogers City Michigan 49779    
Spouse: Ottile   Phone: 989 734 3075  Date: late 1945

Nokes, John Richard  Address: 11789 SW Queen Elizabeth St. OR 97224 
Phone: 503 620 3161 Years/Date on Norris: 1945  Rate/Rank on Board: ENSIGN

Ojeda, Herman Charlie  Address: 1742 Webster Avenue  Redlands, CA 92374
Spouse: Rufina Ojeda  Phone: (909) 307-8983
Years/Date on Norris:1946 - 1949 Rate/Rank on board: Seaman First Class
Email: cojeda@bbklaw.com

Osborne, William (Bill) F.   Address: Skyrise Apartments, Apt. 1111   837 North Main St.  Rockford, IL 61103
Spouse: Rose J. Osborne (Dec.12/24/2006)  Phone: 815-670-4747
Years/Date  on Norris: January-June1946 Rate/Rank on board: RM3
Email: WillieOz@Hotmail.com 
CommentsLooking forward to hearing from anyone I served with. Those were the good old days!

Parker, Vernon   Address: 1684 S Seacrest Ln. Couppeville, WA
Spouse: Geri  Phone: (360) 678 5004
Years/Date on Norris: 1947-'49  Rate/Rank on board: BT2
Email: parker@whidbey.net
Comments: duties include oil king and after fireroom

Perry, George Holley  Address: 71424 Lady Constance Drive Greenwell Springs, LA 70739 
Spouse: Willa D. Perry  Phone: 225-261-5536
Years/Date on Norris: 6/9/45 - 4/1/46  Rate/Rank on board: Radioman 3/C
Email: Garjormama@cs.com
Comments:  I talked to J.R. Nokes, ESN, Asst Communications Officer on 3-2-02. Looking for the following radioman 3/C who were on 
board for the commissioning:  Jack Leamenson, Marvin Partain, Tom Schacker, R.M. Thomas, and J.H.F. "Tex" Williams.

Phillips, Bobbie Wesley  Address: 1716 Oak Drive, Augusta, Ga. 30904
Years/Date on Norris: 1945-1946  Rate/Rank on board: FC3
Email: bgd2106@aol.com
Comments: I boarded the Norris before she was commissioned in 1945. I left her in
Tsingtao, China in May 1946.

Raulston Sr., John     Address: 4626 Fairwood Ln, Chattanooga, TN 37416
Spouse: Jackie    Phone: 423-894-7467
Date on Norris: April 1949 to July 1952  Rate/Rank on Norris:   EM2/ PO2
Email:  jcsraul@bellsouth.net

Rinard, Bernard Remley  Address: 16608 E. 2nd St. N. Independence, MO 64056
Spouse: Shirley  Phone: 816 257 0939 
Years/date on Norris: 1947- June 1950 Rate/Rank on board: Fireman 1/c

Rogers, Webster    Address: Fort Smith  Arkansas
Phone: 479 646 8139
Date on Norris: commisioning  Rate/Rank on Norris: fireman engine room
Email: mrrogersi579@sbcglobal.net
Comments: crew member  until august 1945

Rue, George  Address: 339 Jefferson Street   Wauseon, Ohio 43567
Date on Norris:1945   Rate/Rank on Norris:  Fireman First Class
Email: scottblosser@comcast.net     (This is George's son-in-law Scott.)

Sarlo, Carl (Salty)  Address:  7389 Cloister Dr. Apt.9  Sarasota, FL 34260
Spouse:  Vada    Phone:  (941)925-7308
Date on Norris:  1945    Rate/Rank on Norris:  Coxswain
Email: csalty@gte.net

Scudder, Millard   Address: 142 Burns Lane #4, Swansboro NC 28584
Phone: 1 910 326-2597
Years/Date on Norris: 47-53  Rate/Rank on board: SH3

Sewell, Robert {Bob} H. Address: 14100 se l71stway a101 Kent, Wash. 98031
Spouse: Pat  Phone: 425 988 3747
Years/Date on Norris: June/46 to end of Dec.47 Rate/Rank on board: CS3 --cook  
Email: pbsewell@comcast.net
Comments: happy to be on board, look foreward to hearing from anyone in that time frame

Steckman, Raymond E.  Address: 2145 Ester Court   Norfolk, Va.  23518-2105   
Spouse:  Nell  Phone: 757 - 583 - 4219
Date on Norris: Jan/Feb 49 - Nov/Dec 51  Rate/Rank on Norris: RMSA/RMSN/RM3/TE3
Email:  raysteckman@cox.net
Comments: USS NORRIS was a super ship to be stationed on for a first ship.

Totman, Earl Junior Address: 7916-64th Ave.N. Brooklyn Park,Mn. 55428-2101
Spouse: Delores     Phone: 763-537-2371
Years/Date on Norris: I put ship in commission.1945
Rate/Rank on board: S1/c 
Email: earldelores@earthlink.net

Vanderheyden, Donald Carl Address: 1659 Riverbend Terrace, Apt. 7 Greenbay, WI 54311
Spouse: Doris Phone: (920)468-6939
Years/Date on Norris: 1/1946-8/1947 Rate/Rank on board: GM3
Email: dodovan@sbcglobal.net
Comments: I would like to hear from anyone who was on board at that time 
Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tsing Tao, Pusan,Korea.

WALLACE, Eugene   Address:  931 bumpus mills rd Dover,TN 37058
Spouse: elarry wallace    Phone: (931)232-6308
Date on Norris:1947-1948     Rate/Rank on Norris: S1/c

Willis, Carey Address: 3853 Memory Ln  Abingdon, MD 21009
Phone:  410-569-4753   Years/Date on Norris: 47-49  Rate/Rank on board: Laundry Man
Email: warrencool@comcast.net

Wolff, Allan    Address:1395 Waverly Road San Marino, CA 91108
Spouse: Frances  Phone: 626 793-2348 Fax:626 793-2877
Years/Date on Norris:1945-46  Rate/Rank on board: Lt(jg) Fire Control Officer
Email: al@almed.com
Comments: Just joined Tin Can Sailors and enjoy surfing the web about the Norris

Wynn, John H.   Address: 39335 Vineland St., Cherry Valley, CA 92223
Phone:  951 845 2922
Date on Norris:  1 Oct 1945    Rate/Rank on Norris: Gunner's Mate 2nd Class
Email:  tom@bajabb.com
Comments:  Assigned To Norris at time of commissioning thru the "shake down" cruise.  Due to cracks in the deck upon test firing of guns, USN Norris went back into drydock for repairs.  Upon going into drydock I was informed of my father's passing and took shore leave.  I was to return to the vessel in San Francisco,Ca but the war ended and I was Sent to Long Beach, Ca and discharged without any further service on the USS Norris.

Zellner, Joseph Paul  Address: 36 North Third Avenue
Spouse: Annella Phone: 320.252.2219 Years/Date on Norris: 1948-1952
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