We Came Aboard During The 50's
Adamus, James     1950-54        SN         Email Address: smsi@erie.net

Addison, Larry  Address: 101 Glendale Dr. Hartwell GA. 30643
Spouse: Barara    Phone: 706-436-0870
Date on Norris: 1959-1961    Rate/Rank on Norris: RM3
Email:  larry_addison2000@yahoo.com

Armstrong, Malcolm R. Address: 3259 Union Blvd. East Islip, NY 11730
Spouse: Dawn  Phone: 631-581-0874
Years/Date on Norris: 12/59 to 4/60 Rate/Rank on board: EMFN, EM3
Email: oldgrumpy100@aol.com

Bahret, Robert " BO"  Address: 30 Twin Hills Rd. Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
Spouse: Betty  Phone: 845 462 2488
Years/Date on Norris: 1952-1953 Rate/ Rank on board: LT     

Bavoux, Roger C.  Address: 19 Randolph St  Somerset MA 02725-1012 
Years/Date on Norris: 1954-55 Rate/ Rank on board: SF3 

Bernotas, Frank G.   Address: 1818 OAKHURST WAY PGH. PA. 15210
Spouse:  Eleanor Bernotas    Phone: (412) 884-9221
Years/Date on Norris:  59-63   Rate/Rank on Norris: SH-3 
Email: fgb93067@aol.com

Biasetti, Philip   Address: 9060 SW 56th St
Spouse: Iris
Date on Norris:54-55  Rate/Rank on Norris: RMSN
Email: Irpi@comcast.net

Bickmore, Ashley L.  Address: 25 Fourth St. Kenduskeag, ME 04450
Spouse: Eleanor  Phone: 207-945-5877  
Years/Date on Norris: 1952-1954 Rate/Rank on board: SO3
Email: abickmore@msn.com
Comments: been a long time I am now retired at the age of 70. When I was younger I worked on construction. My hobby was driving, training, and owning, trotters and pacers. I raced mostly in new England, strictly on a part time basis. I drove trotter of the year in Maine, and held the track record at Presque Isle Maine for trotters.  I had the Bangor daily news horse of the year as well.

Bilodeau, Lawrence Norbert  Address: 32 Harbor Ave  Norwalk Connecticut 06850
Spouse:Marie  Phone: 203-286-6513
Years/Date on Norris:1956-1959   Rate/Rank on board: MM2
Email: lawrencebld@optonline.net
Comments:  A good part of my life was being aboard the USS NORRIS with my shipmates who were so responsible at such a young age.

Boggs, James (JIM) Address: 8116 TOLLES DR.  N.FT MYERS FL.33917
Phone: 239-567-1587  Years/Date on Norris: 56/59  Rate/Rank on Norris: TMTSN
Email: boggsslv@aol.com
Comments: Used to have some good coffee and music in the torpedo shack.like to hear from some ship mates from 56/59

Borders, Carl Bradford    Address:  2105 W. Campbell Rd Garland TX
Spouse: Grace   Phone: 972-826-0603
Date on Norris: 51-52'  Rate/Rank on Norris: SA
Email:  gregborders@msn.com
Comments: Carl is my father. He is in a retirement home now. 

Bradford, Albert   Address: Box 1251 Medford, Oregon  97501
Phone: 541 535 3355
Date on Norris: 1958 and 1959   Rate/Rank on Norris: ET3
Email: alb101@chatlink.com

Branagh, Andy  Address: 1325 W Silverlake Rd. # 199Tucson, Az 85713
Spouse: Helen  Phone:(520)624 7794
 Years/Date on Norris: Sept,1951--Dec.1952 Rate/Rank on board: So2
Email: abran1@juno.com

Brigman, Bobby D.  Address: 2104 Rossway  Vidalia GA 30474
Spouse: Editha    Phone: 912-537-0680
Date on Norris: 1955-1958  Rate/Rank on Norris:  MM3
Email: neb@bellsouth.net

Brinkman, Gene Raymond  Address:1603 Orchard Dr Cedar Falls, Ia 50613
Spouse:Thelma  Phone: 319-266 6339 
Years/Date on Norris: 54 55 Rate/Rank on board: BM3
Email: gbrinkman@cfu.net

Burge, Tom   Address: 7638W Rivers Bend Dr  Manistique, MI 49854
Spouse: Phyllis  Phone: 906-341-6454 
Years/Date on Norris: 56-58 Rate/Rank on board:SN
 Email: ta61@hotmail.com
Comments:  Held many jobs after leaving Norris, from Encyclopedia sales to merchant marines while
going to school.  Retired from SMH as Laboratory Director in 1998

Cardinali, Archie  Address:  590 Glenmere Place Barberton , Ohio 44203
Spouse: Nancy  Phone: 330-825-9383   
Years/Date on Norris: 52-53  Rate/Rank on board: FT3
Email:   cajacs2@yahoo.com
Comments: like to hear from anyone that remembers me from the ship

Carolin, Robert (Bob) E.  Address: 4120 Buttonwood Trail Liverpool, NY 13090
Spouse: Carol Ann Phone:315 652 3278  
Years/Date on Norris: 1958- 1960 Rate/Rank on Norris: RM3
Email:  carolinbob@aol.com
Comments: Great Job it was great to see picture of shipmate Howie Cruse. I can still remember how he drove the captain crazy with his Canadian salute! Loved It! The rougher the Sea the Better! Especialy when somebody would break out the the "Plastic Puke"

Champeon, Douglas L.    1960-62  LTJG  Email: champeon@gte.net

Chandler, Clarence (Ed)  Address: 110 Cherry Street Holyoke, Ma 01040
Phone: (413) 265-7275
Date on Norris: Late 1950 to 1952  Rate/Rank on Norris: SOG2
Email: billck@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Email adress is of Son Bill who will forward any contacts

Clarke, Curtis Calvin  Address: 32 James Road Silver Bay  MN 55614-1220
Spouse: Janice Mary    Phone:  218 226 3610 
Years/Date on Norris: 57-59  Rate/Rank on board: RD2 
Email Address: cclarke@lakenet.com
Comments: Found the site on a hunch. Looking for Charles Staples and Ray Matsanaga. old shipmates and friends .

Cobb, Earl Richard  Address: 5035B Big Tyler Rd 
Spouse: Carmela Phone: 304 776 1841
Years/Date on Norris: March 1951 to Nov 1954  Rate/Rank on board: BMSN
Email Address: ecobb1841@suddenlink.net
Comments: Looking for Clarence Chick 

Cole, Edward  1950-53     FA    Email: schmokes@webtv.net

Colfer, Jeremiah   Address: 657 7th st   Somers Point  NJ  08244
Spouse: Judith  Phone: 609 927 6807
Years/Date on Norris:1950 to 1954  Rate/Rank on board:  FA to MM3
Email: bullfrog322@aol.com
Comments: If not in the brig-work and watch station aft. eng. rm.  GQ was Mt.44

Conway, Ray W  Address: 740 Wyoming Ave   Fairfield   OH  45014
Spouse: Barbara  Phone: 513 895 0746
Date on Norris: 1957   Rate/Rank on Norris: seamen
Email:  r.conway@zoomtown.com
Comments: Please get in touch

Costello, Ron   Address:   3444 Fluvanna townline Rd. Jamestown, NY. 14701
Date on Norris:1950-1953  Rate/Rank on Norris: FN
Email:  rcostello@stny.rr.com
Comments: David A. Deer

Crawford,  Terry   Address: 5161 CR 200, Burnet, TX  78611
Spouse: Maurine  Phone: 512-756-2370
Date on Norris:  1957-1958  Rate/Rank on Norris: RM3
 Email: mcrawford672@yahoo.com

Crouch, Charlie   Address: 99 Taylor Rd. Fairview, NC 28730 Phone: 828-628-2089
Years/Date on Norris: 1957-61  Rate/Rank on board: BT2
Email: charliec480@hotmail.com

Crowe, Francis     Address:39 William St.
Spouse: Josephine   Phone: 607-324-2416
Date on Norris: May,1951- May,1953    Rate/Rank on Norris: TESN
Comments: I worked in the ships's post office with Francis McArdle.

Cruse, Howard   Address: 75 Southlawn Ave. Oshawa, ON Canada L1h 3y2
Spouse: Shirley              Phone: 905-725-4158
Years/Date on Norris: 1956-60  Rate/Rank on board: RM3
Email: hwc@teksavvy.com 

Csiki, Jr., Joseph     Address: 272 River Road  Willington, CT 06279
Spouse: Betty 
Date on Norris:  '56 -'58    Rate/Rank on Norris:   SM3

Cydylo, Joseph  1954

DeCava, Paul  Address:  89 Berwyn St. Milford CT
Spouse: Patricia   Phone: 203-878-9121
Date on Norris: 59-61  Rate/Rank on Norris: RD3
Email: PRDPAD@aol.com
Comments: Good times and some bad times. Remember Cuba?  Remember the Texas Tower?  Remenber the E///?  Remember JJ the skipper, never forget him.  Many great guys aboard the 
old girl.  Would like to find out what happened to the old Radar crew!  Best of luck to all those 
that served!

Derboghosian, Paul  Address: 170 Hancock Rd, North Carolina 27320
Phone: 336-342-5784
Years/Date on Norris: 1955- 58 Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: Bruins5681@aol.com 
Comments: I had a few friends that I had so much fun with , and I wish they would email me, It would be good to hear from them, Thank You

DeVries, Richard  Address: 674 Candlewick Dr. NE, Poplar Grove, IL 61065
Spouse: Cathy  Phone: (815) 765-9466
Years/Date on Norris: Sep 56 thru Jan 59  Rate/Rank on board: ET1
Email: Devries22@aol.com
Comments: Looking forward to our next reunion. You have created a very nice site.

Dolecki, Ronald J  Address: 427 Aberdeen Road  LEWISTON, NEW YORK
Spouse: Caroline  Phone: 716-754-8486
Years/Date on Norris: 56-67   Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: RCdole7993@aol.com

Duvel, Carl (Fritz)   Address: 1929 N Baker St  Santa Ana, CA 92706-3428
Phone: 714 543 7335  Years/Date on Norris: 1955-57  Rate/Rank on board:  RD3

Eckert, Robert Leo  Address: 4002 Winterset Dr. Annandale Va. Spouse: Jayne
Years/Date on Norris:1954-1957  Rate/Rank on board: Ens..Ltjg
Email: eckert@erols.com

Edwards, Edward  Address:107 Danforth Place Wilmington Delaware 19810
Spouse:  Moyna   Phone: 302 475 8683
Years/Date on Norris: 53/55  Rate/Rank on Norris: FT3
Email:  ee1347@aol.com

Ernst, Russell V.  Address: 200 Meadow CT.., Seaford, DE. 19973
Spouse: Ann   Phone: 302-628-8765
Years/Date on Norris: 1953-54    Rate/Rank on board: MM3
Email: antloinette56@verizon.net
Comments:Looking for Joe McLinden from Pa.On Norris 53-56.SNIPE

Fillion, Edward (Pete) Years/Date on Norris: 7/55-6/58 Rate/Rank on board: Ensign,LTJG, LT.
Email: P271@aol.com
Comments: I was ASW Officer & Gunnery Officer. Shifted from USN to USNR in '58 discharged
 in 1968

Fogg, George  Address: P.O. Box 57 Wilton, NH 03086
Spouse: Terry (Theresa) Phone: 603 654 2990                     
Years/Date on Norris: 1955-57 Rate/Rank on board: MM1 
Comments: In charge of the FWD Engine Room...Engineering Officer, Lt. JG Glen Bates.

Fredenburg, Kenneth A  Address: Saxonburg, PA
Years/Date on Norris: 58-60 Rate/Rank on board: SM3
Email: drdec@zbzoom.net
Comments:Just learned of this Web Site and the annual reunions.  Looking forward to attending a reunion.

Gauvain, Frank J.  Address: 57 Brookview Rd. Windham, New Hampshire 03087 
Spouse: Ella  Phone: 603 594 3057
Years/Date on Norris : Dec. 1952 to Dec. 1953 Rate/Rank on board: RMSN
Email: fandeg@adelphia.net

Gearn, Wendell P. (Phil)  Address: 14440 HOOT OWL TUCSON AZ 85737
Years/Date on Norris: 11/58 -10/60  Rate/Rank on Norris: SM3
Email: wpgearn@att.net Comments: great site looking forward to taking in a reunion

Geigan, Wilbert Lewis   Address: 4623 Kimby Lane Aberdeen MD. 21001
Spouse: Linda    Phone:  443 829 6972
Date on Norris: 59-61  Rate/Rank on Norris: GM/SN
Email:   pastorgeigan@earthlink.net
Comments:  Looking forward to hearing from old shipmates

Gersich, Edward G.  Spouse: Connie
Years/Date on Norris: 1958-60   Rate/Rank on board: RD3                                      
Email: egersich@earthlink.net 

Gierbolini, Richard  Address: 101 6th avenue, Huntington Station, NY 11746
Spouse: Tina
Years/Date on Norris: 1958-1959  Rate/Rank on board: QM3
Email: navyqmc@optonline.net
Comments: Served in norris about 1 year before leaving the navy.we were task group bravo.

Gieske, Lloyd       Address: 117 W OAK BROADWELL IL 62634
Spouse:  EMAGENE   Phone:  217 732 3550
Date on Norris:JUL 1950- SEP 1951   Rate/Rank on Norris: SEAMAN

Gilchrest, Don  Address: 1900 S Eads St Apt 835  Arlington  Va  22202-3017
Spouse: Betty
Years/Date on Norris: 1955- 57 Rate/Rank on board: LTJG 
Email: betdon@att.net

Guartafierro, Thomas    Address: 37 Oakdale Circle, Wallingford,CT,06492-5719
Spouse:  Carol     Phone:  203 269-0928
Date on Norris: 1957 to 1958  Rate/Rank on Norris: Ltjg
Email: guartafiew@sbcglobal.net

Gudbrandsen, Donald   Address:  320 NW 3rd St  High Springs, FL 32643
Spouse: Elaine   Phone: 386-454-8153
Date on Norris:  May 51-Jan 52   Rate/Rank on Norris: RM3
Email: hrg1son@yahoo.com

Gulbro, Robert D   Address: 12796 Brookhaven   Athens, AL
Spouse: Dona  Phone: 256-233-1862
Years/Date on Norris: 56 to 59  Rate/Rank on Norris: FT2
Email: rgulbro@bellsouth.net
Comments: Hope to come to the reunion this year.

Haller, William  Address: P.O.Box 1465  Jacksonville, OR  97530
Phone: 541-899-7557  Years/Date on Norris: 1950-1952 Rate/Rank on Norris: SO2
Email: whaller@charter.net
Comments: Lots of memories !

Haugh, William M.  Years/Date on Norris: 50-51  Rate/Rank on board: RM3

Hawkes, Hollis Dale  Address: 28 Rublee St. Arlington MA 02476
Spouse: Dorothy Years/Date on Norris: 56-58 Rate/rank on board: MM3/MM/2
Comments:I would be interested in reunions if there were ship mates  from the same time
 period, And a list of names were available of those who were coming. 

Hehl, Ray  Address: 10383 Bailey Rd  Waterville OH 46966
Spouse: Joan  Years/Date on Norris: 1957- 58  Rate/Rank on board: FN

Heitman, William Lester "Les" Address: 707 Colonel Drive, Independence, Missouri 64050
Spouse: Shirley Phone:  816 252 1778
Years/Date on Norris: early 1953-Sept 1956. Rate/Rank on board: Seaman
Email: sjean7@aol.com 

Hennis, Bennie Lee Address:101 harmony Drive, Marshalltown, IA 50158
Spouse: Evelyn C. Hennis  Phone: (641)753-5460
Years/Date on Norris: 51-53 Rate/Rank on board:CS2   Email: mww@mtnia.com
Comments:  Looking for shipmate Francis G. MacArdle (Gerry)

Henry, Duane   Address: 39 Jackson Drive South  Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
Spouse: Connie  Phone: (845) 462-2747 
Years/Date on Norris:  53-55   Rate/Rank on board: ET2
Email: duhenry@optonline.net
Comments: Spent last weekend in Philly. Hard to believe that it had been 50 years ago I was there for our June-Aug yard period the summer of 1953. 

Heuler, Gerard  Address:  821 Twelfth St  Ambridge PA  15003 
Years/Date on Norris: 1952- 54  Rate/Rank on board: GM3 Email: g.heuler@comcast.net

Johnson, Lloyd   Address: 4807 Castleview Dr. Yakima, Wa. 98908
Spouse:  Kathleen   Phone:  509 9667 664
Date on Norris:1954    Rate/Rank on Norris:  RD2
Email: lloydjohnson32@gmail.com
Comments: I was in combat giving dead reckoning bearings when we hit the Bergall on October 31, 1954.   I was incontact with one of the crew members a year or so ago. He thought it was our fault but when I told him it in my estimation it was no one fault. That didn't satisfy him so I told him it had to be their fault for only an idiot would come to periscope depth in front of an on coming Destroyer. Haven't heard from him since.

Joines, Marvin  Address: 19136 Barrens Stewartstown PA 17363  Phone: 717 993 2394
Years/Date on Norris: 1957- 58  Rate/Rank on board: MM3

Kanchuger, Robert   Address: 11011 Picasso Lane Spouse: Margaret
Phone: 301 299 8030   Fax: 301 299 8030
Years/Date on Norris: 57,58  Rate/Rank on board: Ens./LTJG
Email: robertkanchuger@att.net
Comments: I have the best of memories and would be pleased to hear from shipmate.

Klinske, Edward M. Address: 24386 Sailfish Ln. Orange Beach, AL 36561
Spouse: Elaine M.   Phone: 251-981-1247
Date on Norris: 50-53 Rate/Rank on Norris: Sonarman 3rd Class
Email: donlalo859@msn.com
Comments: Love those reunions! If yall ever get down our way give us a call.

 Kozice, Edward   Address:  94 Vones Ln Raritan NJ 08868
Spouse: Janice   Phone: 908-722-7744 
Years/Date on Norris: 1955-1956  Rate/Rank on board: SO3
Email: edjan94@aol.com

Ladage, Alfred  Address: 810 Jamaica Dr. Grand Junction, CO 81506
Spouse: Elsie Phone: 970-242-0362 
Years/Date on Norris:1955/1958  Rate/Rank on board: RD1
Email: alladage@msn.com

Lavallee, Pierre  Address:  2503 University Ave. Waterloo, Ia
Spouse: Bernie  Phone: 319 235 1172
Years/Date on Norris: Mar 1951-Nov 1954  Rate/Rank on Norris: RM3
Birthday: 2-3-32
Email: lavallee2@mchsi.com
Comments: Someone deserves a lot of credit for this fine website. Good work.

Leis, Robert     Address:1549 E. Cleveland St., Hernando, FL 34442
Spouse: Ginger  Phone: 352-726-4410
Years/Date on Norris: 1950-52   Rate/Rank on Norris: SOG2
Email: bngleis@wmconnect.com
Comments: I bowl with a guy that served on the Missouri at Hungnam, and remind
 him that we were his protector 

Leonard, Charles M. Address: 4 Tyson Rd  S.Easton, MA  02375
Spouse: Sharon   Phone: (508) 238-0455  
Years/Date on Norris: 1957-1961  Rate/Rank on board: MM2
Email:  shalibra@comcast.net

Leonis, Samuel   Address: 421 W. Main Street, Ilion, NY 13357
Spouse: Carol
Date on Norris: 56-58   Rate/Rank on Norris: SN Gunner's Mate
Email: csleonis@yahoo.com

Link, Orville  Address: 2205 E. 25 1/2 St. Mission, TX   78574
Spouse: Barbara  Phone: (956) 519-7336 
Years/Date on Norris: 1950 - 1951  Rate/Rank on Board: RD2
Email: doublelinks@juno.com

owrey, Wayne Address: 20514 Beth Court Marengo, Illinois 60152-9407
Years/Date on Norris: Feb 59-July 61  Rate/Rank on board: SK3 
Email: Waynor1995@aol.com

Madden, William R  Address: 3612 Anderson Pkwy Toledo, Ohio 43613
Spouse:Janet   Phone: 419-472-4401 
Years/Date on Norris: 1958 -1959  Rate/Rank on board: MMFN
Email: maddensr@buckeye-express.com

Mailley, Bill   Address: 8583 N Homestead Cir.
Spouse: Mary   Phone: 231-266-5299
Date on Norris: Nov. 1958  OCT. 1960  Rate/Rank on Norris:  SN
Email: billnmary59@yahoo.com

Marcinek, Edmund G. Address: 3375 Avocado Hill Way Hacienda Heights  Calif. 91745
Spouse: Deceased 
Years/Date on Norris: 1957-1958  Rate/Rank on board: EM1/c
Email: egm0132@msn.com
Comments: I am now 71 and retired. Would like to hear from shipmates

Markiewicz, William    Address:  627 Elm Terrace, Riverton, NJ 08077
Spouse:  Mary Ellen
Date on Norris:  November 1954-56      Rate/Rank on Norris: RD1
 Email:  bill.markiewicz@verizon.net

McArdle, Francis G. Address:140 Faver Dr. Riddle,Oregon
Spouse: Pat   Phone: 541 874 2332
 Years/Date on Norris: 51-54 Rate/Rank on Norris: TE2 (The Mailman}

McDonald, Walter   Address:  22 Sea St. Everett,  MA
Phone: 617 389 6351   CELL: 617 548 1679
Date on Norris: 1958 - 1961  Rate/Rank on Norris:  BT2
Email: mac8598@yahoo.com
Comments: Anyone who served with me send me an email. Want to know who's going to the reunion.

McFeeley, Robert E.  Address: 231 Barlow Avenue Staten Island, NY 10308
Spouse: Josephine  Phone: 1-718-356-2829  Cell: 917-616-8922
Years/Date on Norris: 1958 to September 1961 Rate/Rank on board: RD2
Email: goldshield2668@verizon.net
Comments: I joined the Norris crew as a Radarman SN left as a RD2. Joined the NYPD as a police officer, Retired as a Detective. During my time on the Norris I worked with a great bunch of guys whom I'll never forget. My most memorable moment on the Norris was in 1961 when we responded to the Texas tower collapse off of NJ. I was on the radar scope giving the bridge directions and distance to the tower when it disappeared on the scope and went down. We recover one body that night. Married Sept 5, 1965 three children, seven grandchildren, I made a lot of friends on the Norris especially Ed Gersich whom I have a lot of fond memories with.

McInnis,Frank  Address:  88 elm st. Charlestown, MA. 02129
Spouse: Muriel Phone: 617-242-1855
Date on Norris: 1953-4-5-6-apr 27 1957  Rate/Rank on Norris: QM3
Email: Maggoo88@verizon.net
Comments: served on bridge w/Jim Bowers QM1;John Bacia QM2
Wood QM1 under Ens.Robert Eckert and Cmdr.Fred Tucker

McKinney,  Address: William  3471 Locust Ave  Wantagh NY 11793
Spouse:  Marie   Phone:  516-783-1270
Years/Date on board: 1952-1955   Rate/Rank on board: YN3
Email: bamck@msn.com

McLinden, Joseph JR. Address: 928 Summerfield St.Hemet, CA  92545-4717
Spouse: Judith  Phone: (951) 929-7360  Fax: (951) 929-7360
Years/Date on Norris: 1953 - 1954   Rate/Rank on board: MMLFN
Email: jjmacs@roadrunner.com
Comments: Age 69 years. Retired on a service pension in December,1988, at the rank of FireFighter from Long Beach, Ca Fire Department after 29 + years service.

Mehl, Edward Jr.  Address: 11 Bethany Forest Dr., Dagsboro, Del 19939
Spouse: Pat   Phone: (302) 541-0685 
Years/Date on Norris: 1957-59 Rate/Rank on board: YN3/YN2
Email:  e.mehl@mchsi.com

Messer, David.G. Address: 243A Bald Mt.Road,POBox 146 Bernardston,MA.  01337
Spouse: Constance M. Phone: 413 648 9363 Years/Date on Norris: 12-50 to 7-54  Rate/Rank on board: EN3
Email: mollshollow@verizon.net
Comments: Good years & Great Shipmates

Moore, Phillip ( Mike )  Address: 815 WHITE OAK DR. RIDGECREST CA 93555
Spouse: ROBYN    PHONE:  760 371 1585
Years/Date on Norris: 1952 AND 1953  Rate/Rank on Norris: SK3
Email:  mikemoore@aol.com
Comments: Best tour in my navy carrer (23 years) Retired in 1974 at China Lake Ca. and am still here. Retired CWO3.  Went to a reunion in Lughflin nv. a couple years ago, only one I new was TM3 Bugs Moran.  Did talk to Crow on the phone and ran into dick Divesto in Saratoga springs when i was stationed in Scotia.  Would like to locate DK3 Jenkins and cs3 Donaldson or cssn Cooper.

Moran, Bob    Address: 13424 Valerie Dr.Pensacola, Florida 32507
Spouse: Mary A. Phone: (850) 492 6516 
Years/Date on Norris:1950-54(4) Rate/Rank on board:TM2
Email: irishbob@worldnet.att.net

Nash, Jim   Address: 744 Littleton TrailElgin, Il.   60120
Spouse:  Judy  Phone:  847-841-8692
Date on Norris:  1954-1956  Rate/Rank on Norris:  EM3
Email:  jjkettle@comcast.net
Comments:  Great tour of duty  - looking forward to Myrtle Beach Reunion!

Penta, Albert   Address:  PO Box 1057 Monroe,WA 98272
Date on Norris:  Jan 1959 to Nov 1961    Rate/Rank on Norris: RD 2
Email: albertpenta@hotmail.com
Comments: would love to hear from old shipmates. email me

Pescatore, Carmine  Address: 9040 NW 10TH CT.Plantation, Florida 33322 
Spouse: Cathy Phone: (954) 916-3933 
Years/Date on Norris: 53 - 54  Rate/Rank on Norris: FPFN
Email: Pesky0515@aol.com

Peterson, Richard K.  Years/Date on Norris: 52-54   Rate/Rank on Norris: TE3
Email: Rpetersonduluth@aol.com

Polakowski, Joseph W.  Address: 39 Stonewall Dr. West Chester,OH.45069 
Spouse: Linda  Phone: 513-404-8732
Years/Date on Norris: 59-61  Rate/Rank on Norris: SN
Email: jpolly859@gmail.com

Pusak, Charles F.  Address: 2747 Fort Myer ave. Henderson, NV 89052-7022
Spouse: Elizabeth (Betty)  Phone: 702-837-8016
Years/Date on Norris: Apr.55/Mar.58  Rate/Rank on Norris: RM1
Birthday: Apr. 8, 1924
Email: sparks.ret@cox.net
Comments: Very memorable period in my naval career. Many fine friends and looking forward
 to next  reunion

Rafferty, Joseph A.  Address: 833 Great Pine Pointe Inverness, Fla. 34452
Spouse: Ida  Phone: 352-341-2603
Years/Date on Norris:1956- 1958  Rate/Rank on Norris: FN
Email:  jrafferty5@tampabay.rr.com

Romi, Louie Robert Jr  Address: 23005 East State Route 58
Spouse: Martha A   Phone: 816-540-3920 
Years/Date on Norris: 12-57/8-59 or 60  Rate/Rank on board: EMFA/EM2
Email: LRomijr@aol.com
Comments:  Retired as ICC 9-77

Russell, Richard (Dick)  Date on Norris: 1958-1959     Rate/Rank on Norris: ENS/LTJG
Email: dickruss@aol.com

Sabel, Gerald (Jerry)  Address: P.O. Box 785, Welches, OR 97067
Spouse: Jean  Phone: 503 622-5568 Years/Date on Norris: 1950-1952 Rate/Rank on board: QM2
Email: jersabel@msn.com

Saholm, Peter H. Address:  204 Red Root Lane Milford  Conn. 06460  
Spouse: Barbara  Phone: 203-874-1820
Years/Date on Norris: 59-61  Rate/Rank on board: BT-3
Comments: Many good memories and shipmates

Simpson, Douglas R   Address: 1404 Beverly Drive  Dalton, GA 30720
Spouse: Earlene   Phone: 706 278 8474
Date on Norris: Jan 1950 - Aug 1954   Rate/Rank on Norris: DC2
Email: drsimp@optilink.us

Snyder, Jay R. Address: 513 Owl Bridge Rd Washington Boro, PA 17582
Spouse: Mabel Phone: 717-872-5930
Years/Date on Norris:53-55  Rate/Rank on board:FN
Comments:Looking for Max Ray Stump. Would like to hear from him.  I was in his wedding.

Stafford, William F   Address: 5154 Terramar Way, Oxnard CA 93035
Date on Norris: 56-59   Rate/Rank on Norris: SN
Email:  ceilingfan@msn.com
Comments: Anyone remember crossing the Equator?

Stone, Charles "Stoney"  Address: 4244 Darleigh Rd   Baltimore, MD 21236
Spouse: Diane  Years/Date on Norris: 56-58  Rate/Rank on Norris: PNSN
Comments: Retired after 42 years. Favorite memories of Norris..Crossing the Equator,
Chasing the 1st Atomic Submarine (Sank three times in 1 day)Enjoyed the Meditteranean/S.America cruise

Stroedter, Pau  Address:   33 Country Dr.  Bridgewater   Ma. 02324
Spouse:  Charlotte       Phone:  508-697-4497
Date on Norris:  57-59   Rate/Rank on Norris: BTFN
Email:  pstroedter@verizon.net
Comments:  Retired

Stuetz, Thomas E.  Address: 101 Griffin Pl.  White Plains, N.Y. 10603
Spouse: Lois  Phone: 914 946 0710  Fax: 914 421 1265
Years/Date on Norris:1956-1960  Rate/Rank on board: FT3
Email: Tstuetz44@aol.com 
Comments: What happened to the FT's that served on the Norris?

Sutherlin, Alvin L. Address: 4104-29th St. Mount Rainier, MD 20712
Phone: 301-277-3465  Fax: 301-779-6716
Years/Date on Norris:1951-1953  Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email:  al.sutherlin@verizon.net

Taft, Richard F.  Address: 128 Monmouth Way, Clifton Park, N.Y. 12065
Years/Date on Norris: 51-52     Rate/Rank on board: FC2C
Email: taf2525@aol.com   Comments: Inactive reserve became active

Taylor, William H. JR.  Address: 1841 Honeywell Rd. Snow Hill MD. 21863
Spouse:PASS  Phone: 410 651 0581
Years/Date on Norris:1954  Rate/Rank on Norris: CS3
Birthday: 6 28 31

Tierney,  James S.  Address:  85 WHITEHILL DRIVE, WEST HARTFORD, CT 06117-2053
Spouse:  Phyllis  Phone:  860-570-0891
Date on Norris:  1956-1957-1958  Rate/Rank on Norris:  LTJG

Tinsley, Guyley Ross  Address: 2067 Windy Hill Rd. Decatur, GA. 30032
Spouse: Janie  Phone: 404 284 5844
Years/Date on Norris: Sept. 56 To May 60 Rate/Rank on board: BT2
Birthday: 05 20 39
Email: tinsleygr@bellsouth.net
Comments: Love to here from any who served aboard norris when I did.

Vanderlinden, Joseph  Address: 25 Hungerford Rd   Albany,  NY 12203
Spouse: Angela    Phone: 518 456 1230
Date on Norris:1955-56   Rate/Rank on Norris: SN
Email:  trrrkey@msn.com
Comments:  its great to see my ship again...

Vandermark, S Paul  Address: 6287 Shawnee Rd. North Tonawanda NY. 14120
Spouse: Barbara   Phone: 716-731-2061
Years/Date on Norris: 1959/1960  Rate/Rank on Norris: SN Bosin
Email: vandermarkpaul@aol.com
Comments: I was a bosun striker in the 1'st division. I left the Navy and ended up at General Motors were I worked for 39 years. I am now retired and looking back, I had an exciting ride.You never forget "Shipmates" I salute you all.

Veale, Robert Edward   Address: 178 Bartemus Tr.Nashua N.H, 03063
Spouse: Mary    Phone:  603 886 7460
Years/Date on Norris: 53-55  Rate/Rank on board: MR2
Email: r.e.veale@att.net  Comments: Glad to be aboard

Walker, Gerald Address:142 Red Cypress Drive, Goose Creek, SC 29445
Spouse:Cassie Phone: 843-572-3243
Date on Norris: Dec 1955-Jan 1958  Rate/Rank on Norris: DCG3:
Email: TrapmanJ@aol.com
Comments: Would like to hear from any members of the ship's band in that time period

Wessol, James A  Address:1468 N Aldenville Ave Covina CA 921722-1524
Phone: 626 332-7633
Date on Norris: 1957 1958 Rate/Rank on Norris: YNSN - YNT3
Email: NONE

Wray, Warren (Lee)  Address: 4721 Kehoe Lane APT 4
Spouse: Suzanne  Phone: 315 682 8684
Date on Norris: Jan 1953-May 1955  Rate/Rank on Norris: ET3
Email:  leewray@juno.com
Comments: I go by Lee

Williams, Ross  Address: 13704 Turkey Foot Rd, North Potomac, MD  20878-3983
Spouse: Helen  Phone: 301-258-0921
Date on Norris: July 1951 - December 1952  Rate/Rate on Norris: ENS
Email:   rwilliams953@earthlink.net

Zellner,Joseph Paul  Address: 36 3rd Avenue, Waite Park, MN 56387
Spouse: Annella  Phone: 320-252-2219
Years/Date on Norris: Dec 1952-Dec 1954  Rate on board GM3
Email: jal2@mn.mediaone.net

Zuccola, Charles Joseph  Address: 7 Kimberly Rd. Kingston, NH 03848
Spouse: Florence Phone: 603-642-4588  Fax: 603-382-7767
Years/Date on Norris: 1959/61 Rate/Rank on board: CSSN
Email: centrv@aol.com 
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