We Came Aboard During The 70's
Alexander, Mitchell Glasgow Address: 6733 21st Way South St Petersburg, FL 33712-5807
Spouse: Janet  Phone: 727-866-8348
Years/Date on Norris: January 1970  Rate/Rank on board: E-2/c
Email Address: Padibed@tampabay.rr.com
Comments: Served as a boatswain mate while onboard.  Hello Dula!  What an experience and a forever family of mine. Never far from my thoughts. I hope all the family is doin OK. I remember the chow falling down the ladder into our compartment.  My first boats chair will be the 10 ten on the list. Thanks for the memories !  Mitch Alexander SN ret. 

Bennett, Ron  Address: 2242 Timon Road, Everson, Washington 98247
Spouse: Marilyn  Phone:  360-966-5180
Date on Norris:  6/70 to 12/70  Rate/Rank on Norris: CS1
Email: ron@ronbennett.com
Comments: Keep up the good work, enjoy what you are doing. Thanks.
Hartwell, Steven  Address: P.O. Box 631, Lyndonville, VT. 05851
Spouse:Deborah    Phone: 802-626-8488
Date on Norris:  Mar.1970 - Dec. 1970   Rate/Rank on Norris: Seaman
Email:  hartwsn@charter.net

Smith, Terence  1970      BT3     Email Address: smitht@pweh.com   

Spindler, Ernest  Address:143 Dawn Dr  Centereach, NY 11720
Spouse: Suellen  Date on Norris:1970  Rate/Rank on Norris: EM2
Email:  espinx@gmail.com
Comments:  last underway to moth balling

Venzant, Raymond    Address:12614 HWY 4,Castor,La.71016
Spouse: Margaret Walker Venzant
Date on Norris: 1970   Rate/Rank on Norris:  BTFN
Email:  venzantr@gmail.com

Wilson, Michael J  Address: 270 Cambridge Glenn Road Cambridge Vermont
Spouse:Linda J  Phone: 802-644-8492
Years/Date on Norris: May-Dec1970  Rate/Rank on board: SA
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