Pulling into port at Malta around July 2, 1968
                                           THE PIPE AND CROW

                         Free Daily Newspaper of the U,S.S Norris  (DD-899)

                               Vol. 1 no. 17  Late News   July 11, 1968

Pueblo Families Angry

In Washington, the mother of one of the crew members of the USS Pueblo stood before the State Department Tuesday and said she would rather see her son lose his life in the course of a rescue attempt than die slowly in a North Korean prison.  Mrs. Warren L Hayes, of Columbus, Ohio was one of a small group of the “Remember the Pueblo Committee,”
that called at the department to renew their demands for stronger action, including the use of force if necessary, to get back the intellegence ship and its 82 surviving crewmen. The ship was seized January 22 by the North Koreans who claimed it had violated their territorial waters. One seaman died as a result of wounds.
Mrs. Hayes, joined the Reverend Paul Lindstrom, Chicago area coordinator of the committee, at a news conference to charge Sec. of State, Dean Rusk, and the administration w!th “waccoillating and incompetent” action on the Pueblo case. Mrs.Hayes is the mother of, Lee Roy Hayes, 26 a radioman, third class, who was taken prisoner in the Pueblo seizure. She brought along another son, Scott, 13, who carried placecard reading: "Mr. Rush - Please bring my brother home.” Lindstrom led a delegation to the State Department in response to a statement by, Rusk, at a June 26 news conference that “If anyone wants to organize a committee to remember the Pueblo, I am a charter member of that committee.” The Lindstrom group wanted to present a framed charter membership in their committee to Rusk. They wsre unable to get an immediate appointment with Rusk but saw, Winthrop Brown, a deputy assistant secretary. Mrs Hayes and Lindstrom said 389 American servicemen were-------------

Border Clashes Near Saigon

In Vietmam, a series of clashes broke out Monday and Tuesday around Saigon and in the Dar Northwest of South Vietnam. These are the two areas where big battles are expected soon. United States Marines reported killing another 89 North Vietnanese in a two day running fight near the abandoned The Sanh combat base. Thirteen marines were killed and 88 wounded. In the South, American Infantrymen fought for an hour with an enemy force 19 miles southwest of Saigon. Thirteen of the enemy were reported killed - with no American casualties. Navy patrol boats and helicopters destroyed 3 enemy sanpans carrying rocket launchers toward Saigon. Three enemy soldiers were kill. Communist gunners shelled 3 targets within 6 miles of Saigon in  more harrassing attacks. They set on fire 3 fuel storage tanks, a power station, a warehouse, and a number of fuel drums at the Nha Be fuel depot and the fires were reported under control. In continuing counter-blows against the expected Viet Cong attacks on Saigon, American B-52 bombers flew 3 more missions Monday night. They aimed at fresh enemy regiments believed massing near the Cambodian border 5 miles north of Saigon. American pilots flew 140 missions against North Vietnam's southern panhandle Monday.