The QH-50 Drone Anti Submarine Helicopter (DASH) was a remotely-piloted aircraft
           manufactured by Gyrodyne.

Maximum speed         80 knots
Cruise speed               60 knots
Service ceiling           QH-50C     16,500 FT        QH-50D     25,000 FT
Hover ceiling              QH-50C     11,300 FT        QH-50D     16,000 FT
Range                         60 nautical miles
Weapons                    2 MK 46 torpedoes or 1 torpedo and 1 sonobouy
Maximum weight       QH-50C  2,300 lbs     QH-50D  2,350  lbs
Rotor diameter            20 FT
Engine                        QH-50C, Boeing T50-B0-8A   QH-50D, Boeing T50-B0-10
Horsepower                300 shp
 The Deck Control Officer visually controls the DASH during take off and landing the flight deck. Flight and weapons release are controlled from the Combat Information Center. A special variant of DASH known as "Snoopy" used in Viet Nam also carried a television camera for gunnery spotting and surveillance work. On Gearingclass FRAM destroyers, DASH was carried in the aircraft hanger and flown from the adjacent flight deck.

The DASH system was placed in service 1963 as a long-range antisubmarine weapon system. Due to problems that resulted in many training and operational losses of aircraft ( Parking Lots, also in the water )  the system was withdrawn from service in 1969 from the US Navy.

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