The First and the only Airdale aboard the Norris
                    Joe Hettel  ADJ3  '65-'67
Wall EN2
Mr. Todd & Talcott flying drone from flight deck. After Drone is up & on the way to the target, the flying was done by Mr. Fagaley, in C.I.C
This picture shows Drone 1280 inside the hanger bay. The drone was rolled out on wheels and also firmly attached to the tracks which can be seen on the flight deck. This enabled the drone to be moved during heavy weather.
Minor on left gets ready to refuel on of the Drones. Bruce D'Avolio stands by to help. The idea of the Drone was to give the ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) Destroyer a 30 miles advantage in launching her torpedoes. In other words, in theory, we launched before the Sub.
The Drone is started and turning up
Talcott is now releasing the coaxial cables and hold down apparatus of the drone. You didn't want to stand up of course, or you may get a haircut, or worse yet, a headcut.
Lift Off
The drone is now airborn. Beneath the drone are two large floatation devices. they were supposed to keep the drone from sinking, but usually ripped off on crashing-- we lost no drones, however, many were lost, usually from lost of radio signal.

           Aviation Machinist Mate (AD)   JOE HETTEL

       Usually, AD's are assigned to billets concerned with maintaining turbo-jet aircraft engines and associated equipment or to any one of several types of aircraft maintenance activities.  AD's maintain, service, adjust and replace aircraft engines and accessories, as well as perform the duties of flight engineers.

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