Twenty-Fifth Anniversary


WHEREAS,    Tuesday, June 9, 1970, has been set aside in the City of Newport
                     to give public honor to the USS NORRIS (DD 859) and to pay tribute
                     to the memory of the heroic person for  whom she was named,
                     Major Benjamin White Norris, USMC; and

WHEREAS,    the USS NORRIS, who is celebrating the twenty-filth anniversary
                    of her commissioning on this day, - should be proud to bear
                    the name of Major Benjamin White Norris --a man who served his
                    country to the fullest degree by giving his life during the Battle
                   of Midway so that future generations of this great nation of ours
                   could enjoy the freedoms, rights and privileges of the American
                    way of life; and

WHEREAS,   throughout the NORRIS' twenty-five year career, she has carried
                   on in the true tradition of the United States Navy--serving her
                   country with distinction as did her namesake; and

WHEREAS,  the City of Newport has had a very long and pleasant relationship
                   with the USS NORRIS during her twenty-five year stay in Newport,
                   and because of this she has added immeasurably to the feeling of
                   mutual understanding and cooperation that exists between our city
                   and the United States Navy today; and

WHEREAS,  we in the City of Newport are proud to be able to salute the USS
                   NORRIS, her officers and men, at this highlight in her career
                   and herewith convey our very best wishes for untold success in
                   all future missions; Now, Therefore, Be It

RESOLVED:  That I, Fred R. Alofsin, Mayor of the City of Newport, Rhode
                    Island, do hereby proclaim Tuesday, June 9, 1970, as

                  and call upon all of our citizens to make evident to each and all
                  the debt we owe to the United States Navy and the pride the city
                  feels in having the USS NORRIS and her men stationed in Newport.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the
                   City of Newport to be affixed this 4th day of June, A. D. 1970.

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Articles sent by LCDR. Gerald F. Horna