Newport Daily News
  Wednesday, June 17, 1970

Destroyer Norris

It is regrettable that many young people today do not know about, and many older people have forgotten, so many of the great battles of World War II. One of them, the Battle of Midway, the great air-sea struggle between tne United States and the Japanese, was recalled when the Newport-based destroyer Norris recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of her commissioning.

The ceremony was also a tribute to the late Maj. Benjamin White Norris, USMC, for whom the craft was named. He led a squadron of obsolete, fabric-covered dive bombers in the battle and was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.

Mayor Alofsin appropriately designated the anniversary date as USS Norris Day. The occasion was
marked by the presence of the first commanding officer, Capt. Terrell A. Nisewaner, USN (ret.), the present commanding officer, Cmdr. John T. McQuesten Jr. Capt. Raymond W. Allen, commodore of Destroyer Squadron 20; Maj. James L. Williams, USMC, commanding officer of the Marine Barracks at the Naval Base.

Lt. James M. McLain, chaplain, said a prayer of rededication. A Marine platoon fired a rifle tribute salute to Maj. Norris. Thus on a living ship, the memory of one of our great sea battles and one of our gallant Marine heroes was recalled, and tightfully so. Such events and such gallant officers should never be forgotten, especially here in Newport where the ties between the services and the people are so close.