September 12, 1960, the Norris was off the east coast of New Jersey riding out Hurricane Donna as we were proceeding the task force received a distress call from Texas Tower 4. I was on radar duty in CIC (combat information center) when the Norris received the distress call and the bridge ask me to plot a course to the tower which was visible on the scope. I was relaying course direction to the bridge when the tower disappeared from the scope. I and the rest of radar crew went out side to see what happen, as we were looking down from the deck to the bow we could see a bos'n mate pointing to a body in the water. The Bos'n mate got a grappling hook and was attempting to snag the body but when the hook hit the body it sunk. A short time later either the same body or another airman was spotted in the water and this body was recovered. The Captain told them to place the body in the ships freezer for preservation. This was a very sad night for us and one I could never forget.

Robert E. McFeeley RD2 USS Norris 1958 to 1961.

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